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Tips to Make Sure you have the Best Travel Experience!

Tips to make best of your travel

Discover the Joys of Travel


Traveling is on everyone’s bucket list. Every one of us has travel plans. Some of us are already traveling and visiting new places. If you have a strong desire to travel then stop scrolling your social media feeds and act for what you desire. Your soul needs to relax to feel the serenity. Unplug yourself from the chaos and find an opportunity to travel to a new place. Once you decide to travel, you need to plan and make the most out of your vacation. In this blog, we are trying to find out ways which can help you make the most from your next travel opportunity.


Select the Place:

When you feel that you need a break, start finding information about the places near you. Find places where you can relax. In today’s internet era it is not difficult to find travel locations – you can watch videos, photos or read blog to get options. Now, select the place you want to visit.  If you are looking for a getaway from city life, find the places where you can relax, experience serenity and break from your otherwise ordinary routine. Trekking or jungle visit can be the best option if you are searching for a place with a nature connect.


Decide If you need a company:

Traveling is fun, adventurous and revitalising. But the extent of joy you derive can differ depending upon your travel companion(s) . While choosing a travel buddy, you should choose someone with the same interest as yours. While reading this blog, are you thinking of someone? If yes, then he/she is the perfect travel buddy for you. It’s alright if you can’t think of anyone. Traveling solo can be immensely adventurous and rewarding. To be able to take decisions without seeking group consensus also has its advantages. Solo traveling is fun but you need to plan adequately so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.


Plan Your Itinerary:

If you are visiting a new place about which you know little, you should plan your journey. Eg: List of places to visit, where to stay.   It’s prudent to remember the difference between a well-planned itinerary and an over-packed schedule. While planning your itinerary, keep in mind that you are going on tour to relax. Rank the places want to visit. Select the hotel near tourist places to avoid unnecessary travel.


Forget about technology:

Technology advancements are good for the betterment of human life. It has its own list of  advantages and disadvantages. But when you are on a tour, try to avoid your phone and laptop. That will help you to relax and enjoy where you are. It’s good to unplug yourself from the chaos and connect with nature. Switch off your phone, sit back and relax. Find places where you can feel free and happy.


Explore yourself:

When you are exploring places, you can explore yourself. Know who you are and what makes you happy. When you are at a scenic and calm place, make the most of it. Get connected with nature and recall the happy moments in your life. Do something you are always afraid to try before. Never miss an opportunity of overcoming your fear. If you are afraid of heights, go for paragliding or Hang gliding. There is an amazing feeling of triumph that you feel when you overcome the worst fears in life.

We understand that after reading this article you are eager to travel and find a getaway. If you are looking for a weekend getaway promising adventure in the midst of natural wilderness, you are already at the right place. We are waiting to serve you at Kings Sanctuary, Nagarhole.


Here's what people say about us

  • CM Siddaramaiah, Visits Kings Sanctuary
    Honourable CM, Karnataka Siddaramaiah
    Went on Friday with my team and was amazed to see the easy accessibility of property just 200 meters from entrance of Jungle. Amazing property, good clean and spacious cottages. Best part was Hospitality with personal attention to needs of the guest. Special thanks to Niharika who ensured that guest comfort is kept at high priority and pampered with hospitality.
    “Amazing Experience, awesome hospitality”
  • ramjethmalani Kings Sanctuary Testimonials
    Mr Ram Jethmalani

    This is a lovely location, just on the perimeter of the conservation area literally walking distance! The security is obviously very good. The grounds are well kept and modest with beautiful flowers. The staff are very welcoming and professional, we received a good brief of the Hotel and how to get the most out of our stay.

    “Great retreat for a family safari! “Mr Ram Jethmalani”
  • Mark Tully Visits Kings Sanctuary
    Mark Tully, Former Bureau Chief of BBC

    Its a lovely place right next to the Nagarhole Park. Big comfortable rooms and loads of outdoor activity. Simple yet delicious food. Host and staff was always available and ready to help.

    Calm & Serene Place. A Nice Getaway.
  • Actor Ambareesh, Visits KingsSanctuary
    Mr Ambareesh, Actor
    By far one of the best places, I have been. Amazing food and right next to the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve. Excellent venue and ample space for kids to play. Amazing rooms (quite big) and specially they charge per room. By far the best food we have had. Kids will surely have a good time!!
    “Excellent & Worthy Place – Respect to the guests is their attitude!!”

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