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9 “Essential” Questions Before Booking a Jungle Safari!

Jungle safari

Disclaimer:  No. 7 is going to shock you!

Planning for a Jungle Safari? Then you must be excited too!

This article will help you with basic queries one should ask before finalizing your jungle safari. Check for the price and just ask these questions!

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1. What are all included?

Budgeting of any expense is the most essential part. You do agree, right? When you travel or take any service, you do believe in getting stuff for what you have paid. Fortunately, budget safari will always fulfill your expectations for the amount you have paid.

In fact, the best of the Jungle Resort Safari will cover your:

  • Food
  • Lodging
  • Beverages
  • Visit Park
  • Indoor and outdoor games
  • Resort
  • Safari

The moment you get all these amenities that “expensive” safari may look like a bargain.

Kings sanctuary

kings sanctuary


2.  Accessibility to the park?

At jungle safari, you can spend your entire day just driving in and out of the park. But have you spent that hefty amount just for driving, no right? You want to see the wildlife too and that is your foremost priority. So before booking any jungle safari, do ask them How Accessible the park is? Also, what are the timings for the safari ride? Finally, jungle safaris limit how many kilometers their drivers can go to keep fuel costs down.

If they are briefing you to the T, then go for the DEAL.

Jungle safari
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3. Is safari personal or shared?

Most jungle safaris will squeeze you into a car with complete strangers. Therefore do ask them whether they are providing you a personal jeep or they have some number in which they are sending visitors in the slot so that your friends, your family and you will have the whole, spacious luxury safari limo to yourself!

Jungle safari
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4. Who dictates the safari pace and objectives?

You might be wondering if you are actually going to see just a few beers or small wild animals? Here you need a Naturalist guide, who is going to guide you through your jungle safari. So, instead of limiting yourself to few animals, a guide should be knowing all the information related to that safari. And if luck is on your side, you might just well witness surprises!

Jungle safari guide
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What can you expect from a Naturalist guide?
  • Communication skills- You want a guide with the ability to communicate well in English/Hindi and local language. All of the guides should speak all three languages fluently.
  • A strong knowledge base- A guide should have thorough knowledge regarding the land, culture, wildlife, and titbit of the area.
  • Engaging personality- Very important for a guide to be friendly, patient, understanding and of course a good sense of humor doesn’t hurt!


6. Is the safari vehicle well equipped?

Make sure the safari you choose has a good safety record. For example, Kings Sanctuary Jungle Resort in Nagarhole National park provides the best jungle safari. They also provide jeeps having tarpaulin roof which can protect from sun, rain or any other danger. Plus they provide the most spacious jeep, a very highly experienced driver. So make sure to check if the safari vehicle is well equipped.

Jungle safari
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7. Is the Safari or Lodge Located in a National Park or Outside of It?

Jungle view from Villa - Kings Sanctuary resort

Some resorts and lodges are located in national parks, which depending on the size of the national park, can be advantageous. However, more and more now-private unfenced conservancies are popping up just outside of park borders. These camps often offer fantastic amenities but also offer more freedom to feel  the bush. For example, Kings Sanctuary Jungle Resort have a beautiful Varandha from where you will get the entire jungle view along with some mind-blowing wild animals sounds.  


8. Are the kids allowed?

Definitely Yes! From animal toys to having pets for real, kids adore animals!

And by bringing them to a natural habitat, you are giving them the best possible way to enjoy their outing as well as respect animals. So, a jungle safari is the best way to treat your children to an amazing memory.

With this experience, you are also preparing them for long periods of silence, bumpy jeep drives and dusty roads. If you look at the larger picture, gifting a short holiday to jungle safari to your kids is one of the best way to their development.

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9. When is the safari?

Generally Safari will be on for year long. Only during heavy rain, Safari will be stoped.  For Nagarhole, the best time is October to May.  The king of the jungle “TIGER” walk more on the roads (due to long grass) during rainy season and also since the scent goes away faster, they wander around scent marking more often during rainy season. So MISSING this scene is a big NO NO!!

Jungle safari
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I’m sure the article must have been a great insight to your jungle safari queries! Make sure your family and you enjoy to the fullest!

Happy Safari 🙂






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  • Mark Tully Visits Kings Sanctuary
    Mark Tully, Former Bureau Chief of BBC

    Its a lovely place right next to the Nagarhole Park. Big comfortable rooms and loads of outdoor activity. Simple yet delicious food. Host and staff was always available and ready to help.

    Calm & Serene Place. A Nice Getaway.
  • ramjethmalani Kings Sanctuary Testimonials
    Mr Ram Jethmalani

    This is a lovely location, just on the perimeter of the conservation area literally walking distance! The security is obviously very good. The grounds are well kept and modest with beautiful flowers. The staff are very welcoming and professional, we received a good brief of the Hotel and how to get the most out of our stay.

    “Great retreat for a family safari! “Mr Ram Jethmalani”
  • Actor Ambareesh, Visits KingsSanctuary
    Mr Ambareesh, Actor
    By far one of the best places, I have been. Amazing food and right next to the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve. Excellent venue and ample space for kids to play. Amazing rooms (quite big) and specially they charge per room. By far the best food we have had. Kids will surely have a good time!!
    “Excellent & Worthy Place – Respect to the guests is their attitude!!”
  • CM Siddaramaiah, Visits Kings Sanctuary
    Honourable CM, Karnataka Siddaramaiah
    Went on Friday with my team and was amazed to see the easy accessibility of property just 200 meters from entrance of Jungle. Amazing property, good clean and spacious cottages. Best part was Hospitality with personal attention to needs of the guest. Special thanks to Niharika who ensured that guest comfort is kept at high priority and pampered with hospitality.
    “Amazing Experience, awesome hospitality”

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