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Jungle Lodges And Resorts

Jungle lodges and resort

We utterly adore squandering most of our weekend condensed to nature. Tune in to the trees, birds and the animals.  Karnataka has an abandon amount to proffer for adventure aspirants and nature fans . Are you  considering for a jungle lodges, jungle resorts and jungle safaris in Karnataka. If yes, then keep watching this video. Camps, lodges, and resorts set amidst Karnataka’s many sanctuaries and reserves. Deep beneath in the primeval forest among-st ancient trees in search of tigers, elephants and other beasts. Jungle Lodges and Resorts is your iron in the fire to retreat from the docile and discover the forest.  You can explore being wild and free! Let the fun begin!

1: Nagarhole National Park

 Kings Sanctuary Jungle Resort is based on the northern fringes of the Nagarahole National Park. Depict arising at the crust of dawn and setting forth for the wisdom of your life. To be on the scene of wild stimulating from its sack-time is a life-wavering experience. The forests of the Nagarahole National Park proliferate in herds of elephant, sambar and  wild boar, snakes, sloth bear, gaur and sometime tiger and panther. Get the extract of this location by going for a  luxury resort. The best one is Kings Sanctuary Jungle Resort. The serene beauty of this resort will make your safari journey full of excitement. River Kabini is an awesome place to visit any time of the year. A morning and evening jeep safari or even a boat ride down the River Kabini accolade you with encounter of herds of elephants, crocodiles sunning themselves . For a fondling of primitive, go for the classic piragua, made from bamboo and buffalo hide or go for the regular motorboat. Unbend with a wildlife movie in the audio-visual hall and then import the day to a grand close with barbecue by a campfire. The River Kabini is a wonderful place to visit any point time of the year. But during the sizziling months of March, April, and May, the pools and springs in the forest dry up, bringing the animals to the banks of the River Kabini. You get to see the largest congregation of Asiatic Elephants in the wild. The monsoons (July, August, and September) has the trees lush and thick but promise fewer animal sightings. The other months promise a fair chance of animal and bird sightings.

Elephants in Nagarhole national park

Villa Balcony - Jungle- Kings Sanctuary

Balcony view of Kings Sanctuary Jungle Resort.

2: Bandipur Jungle Safari

 We all have a role to play in maintaining the ecological balance. Nothing makes you more aware of how much we take for granted that a visit to the wild. Be prepared to leave an environmental activist, as the wildlife experience is known to touch the deepest recesses of your mind Elephants roam in large herds, deer stare at you brazenly and peafowl flit in and out as they deem fit roam in large herds. Nestled at the foothills of the Nilgiris, Bandipur has had a long tryst with tigers. The premises are filled with herbs, medicinal and ornamental plants. The premises are filled with herbs, medicinal and ornamental plants. The garden, by itself, inspires the naturalist in you. If ever your curiosity gets ahead of your knowledge, our naturalists are at hand: they’ll clear any doubts you might have. End the day on a peaceful note, with the cicadas taking over the night shift from the birds: the perfect accompaniment to your campfire barbecue dinne

3: Bannerghatta Nature Camp

 Bannerghatta National Park is where you should head out when you’ve had enough of the city and would like to get up close with the wild. It has to be seen to be believed. Just about 25 km away from Bangalore and with a treasure trove of wildlife including bears, wild elephants, deer, porcupines, bonnet macaques and a vibrant mix of bird species: it awakens you to the fact that there’s more to life than the usual rat race. To know that nature can live in its own pace, so close to the grind, is humbling and makes us rethink our callous lifestyles. It reminds us to be a little kinder and instills in children a love for the outdoors. A popular corporate destination, the Bannerghatta Wildlife Nature Camp has all the facilities for off-sites, meetings, and seminars. The conference hall can accommodate 30 people.

After you’ve met the animals in their enclosures, you can take a guided nature trek to the herbivore area of the park. One of Asia’s largest butterfly park is also within the Bannerghatta National Park precincts. After a good trek, there’s nothing like really good food. The Gol Ghar, in typical JLR style serves up a wonderful spread of both non-vegetarian and vegetarian delights. Though local cuisine is a specialty, Continental and Chinese food can be served upon request. Bannerghatta shares the same climate with Bangalore; only that the green cover that the trees afford makes it more pleasant. Mid-June, July, and August, the monsoons turn the trees into lush green canopies while March, April, and May are the driest months. With temperatures ranging from 15°C to 28°C. 

Bandipur jungle safari
Bannerghatta national park

4:Dubare Elephant Camp 

 Does elephants that import out the child in every one of us? The Dubare Elephant Camp is a must-experience for the elephant lover in you. Karnataka has a huge history with elephants that vigor a long way back and currently, the state’s Forest Department has about 150 elephants in various camps. But in the recent past, after logging operations were ceased, there was a situation of freshly unemployed elephants. The Dubare Camp, the camp where elephants were trained for the famous Mysore Dasara, found a brand new calling. Today, it’s a place where hundreds of tourists get one-on-one with their biggest (quite literally) dream. The Dubare Elephant Camp is a chance to get to know these giant, enchanting creatures better. With a host of activities built around this, many a guest has left the camp with a sense of responsibility to do their bit towards protecting elephants. A trained naturalist takes our guests through the complexities of elephant history, ecology, and biology. Here, you not only get to observe the activities, but actually get to interact with the elephants. Generally, guests spend over three hours with the elephants. Roll up your sleeves and pitch in for an elephant grooming session – watching elephants being given a scrub-bath in the river, with rituals like oil being applied to their forehead, tusks and the other aspects of elephant grooming will change your idea of pet maintenance. Once the bath is done, learn how elephant food is prepared and how they’re fed. Mahouts will also demonstrate how elephants obey commands and how they functioned during their earlier role in logging operations. And if you’re in the mood, you can take a fifteen-minute elephant ride into the Dubare Reserve Forest. You even get to witness how a howdah is tied. Meanwhile, you can also try out a coracle ride. These circular rafts give you a typical River Cauvery experience. Spotting a crocodile or two, sunning on the banks, is a highly likely prospect. The surrounding forests are home to exciting wildlife like the gaur, leopard, the wild dog, sloth bear, peacock, partridges, etc. Also during the months of July, August, and September, JLR arranges for monsoon river rafting in the stretch adjacent to the camp. Both non-vegetarian and vegetarian fare is served. Upon request, we can arrange for some local cuisine to be part of the spread.

Dubare Elephant Camp
Image source:
Dubare elephant camp
So what you are waiting for pick up your phone and book Resort and Lodges of your choice.


Here's what people say about us

  • Actor Ambareesh, Visits KingsSanctuary
    Mr Ambareesh, Actor
    By far one of the best places, I have been. Amazing food and right next to the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve. Excellent venue and ample space for kids to play. Amazing rooms (quite big) and specially they charge per room. By far the best food we have had. Kids will surely have a good time!!
    “Excellent & Worthy Place – Respect to the guests is their attitude!!”
  • CM Siddaramaiah, Visits Kings Sanctuary
    Honourable CM, Karnataka Siddaramaiah
    Went on Friday with my team and was amazed to see the easy accessibility of property just 200 meters from entrance of Jungle. Amazing property, good clean and spacious cottages. Best part was Hospitality with personal attention to needs of the guest. Special thanks to Niharika who ensured that guest comfort is kept at high priority and pampered with hospitality.
    “Amazing Experience, awesome hospitality”
  • Mark Tully Visits Kings Sanctuary
    Mark Tully, Former Bureau Chief of BBC

    Its a lovely place right next to the Nagarhole Park. Big comfortable rooms and loads of outdoor activity. Simple yet delicious food. Host and staff was always available and ready to help.

    Calm & Serene Place. A Nice Getaway.
  • ramjethmalani Kings Sanctuary Testimonials
    Mr Ram Jethmalani

    This is a lovely location, just on the perimeter of the conservation area literally walking distance! The security is obviously very good. The grounds are well kept and modest with beautiful flowers. The staff are very welcoming and professional, we received a good brief of the Hotel and how to get the most out of our stay.

    “Great retreat for a family safari! “Mr Ram Jethmalani”

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