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Photographers Love Towards wildlife

Nature photography is driven by those individuals who are very passionate in taking a picture of natural elements which include landscape, wildlife, close-up etc. They give importance to small details and wait for the right timing to get the perfect shot. For better convenience in commuting, it is suggested to stay in a resort which is in the close proximity.

Today’s youth’s interest in photography:

Nowadays youngsters are developing the interest towards photography. Some of them have chosen nature photography, as they feel good to get closer towards nature and capture the right moment which usually misses our sight. More youngsters take inspiration from photos posted in the social media and develop the interest to take better pictures. First, they start by shooting pictures using their cell phones and then progress to using cameras.

Nature Photography-Youngsters

Nature Photography

Venturing into the forest and enjoying the visuals offered by Mother Nature forms as part of nature photography. While trekking through the lush green forest you could come across birds such as Malabar grey hornbill, white-bellied treepie, wood pigeon etc. For a better focus on these birds, it will be suitable to use a telephoto lens which can focus from 500mm to 800mm range.


Climatic conditions

Monsoon will be the ideal time for those who are interested in bird photography. During monsoon the right time to capture the picture of the birds is immediately after a downpour, this is when the birds come out of their enclosure. During rain ducks come out to take a dip in the water, the photographer can make use of this opportunity for perfect photography. For better convenience in travelling it’s better to look for an accommodation which is close to the wildlife habitat.

Nature Photography-Monsoon

Location preferred for nature photography

If you are staying down south, you can consider wildlife sanctuaries like Wynad, Kabini and Brahamagiri for photography. These are easily accessible from your resort or home stays. There are resorts which offer wildlife safaris and the guests can make use of this facility to ensure a good safari experience.

Time for the best shot           

While you are staying in the resort, you could wake up early in the morning. Early morning before sunrise is the best photoshoot for bird photography. Birds like heron, eagle, cuckoo and hornbills come out during this time. In order to get a perfect shot, the photographer can focus on the bird while it is sucking the nectar from the flowers. A good jingle resort will also provide a nature guide and he can help you spot the birds.


Sighting of wild animals                                                                        

Nagarhole houses many wild animals like deer, wild boar, elephant, hyena, leopard etc. While taking a picture of these wild animals it is suggested to focus the camera on the eyes of the animal. We must note that sighting of wild animals entirely depends on timing and luck.

Nature Photography-Wild Elephant                                                                                                                                                                             

Safety Measures

When photographing wild animals we are usually very excited to go close to the animal and get the best shot. The most important factor that you may need to consider is safety. Animals like tiger and elephants can exhibit aggressive behavior while approached too close. A dangerous situation that you can encounter is between a mother and her offspring and avoid acts that could distress the animals. When focusing on the animal, keep a safe distance. If you would like to ensure perfect photo shoot, it is recommended that you carry a long-range camera.


Enjoy the Mother Nature and create a memory out of it!!


Here's what people say about us

  • CM Siddaramaiah, Visits Kings Sanctuary
    Honourable CM, Karnataka Siddaramaiah
    Went on Friday with my team and was amazed to see the easy accessibility of property just 200 meters from entrance of Jungle. Amazing property, good clean and spacious cottages. Best part was Hospitality with personal attention to needs of the guest. Special thanks to Niharika who ensured that guest comfort is kept at high priority and pampered with hospitality.
    “Amazing Experience, awesome hospitality”
  • Mark Tully Visits Kings Sanctuary
    Mark Tully, Former Bureau Chief of BBC

    Its a lovely place right next to the Nagarhole Park. Big comfortable rooms and loads of outdoor activity. Simple yet delicious food. Host and staff was always available and ready to help.

    Calm & Serene Place. A Nice Getaway.
  • ramjethmalani Kings Sanctuary Testimonials
    Mr Ram Jethmalani

    This is a lovely location, just on the perimeter of the conservation area literally walking distance! The security is obviously very good. The grounds are well kept and modest with beautiful flowers. The staff are very welcoming and professional, we received a good brief of the Hotel and how to get the most out of our stay.

    “Great retreat for a family safari! “Mr Ram Jethmalani”
  • Actor Ambareesh, Visits KingsSanctuary
    Mr Ambareesh, Actor
    By far one of the best places, I have been. Amazing food and right next to the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve. Excellent venue and ample space for kids to play. Amazing rooms (quite big) and specially they charge per room. By far the best food we have had. Kids will surely have a good time!!
    “Excellent & Worthy Place – Respect to the guests is their attitude!!”

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